Happy Things

Things that make us happy Things that make us smile Things both big and small All things we think worthwhile -JSV_ It should take you approximately 60 seconds to read the following list of thoughts on specific things that, in most cases, should bring a smile to your face. After reading the list, I encourage […]

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There has probably been as much written about friends and friendship as any other topic. Friendship has never been more evident to me than during this journey. I can’t begin to express thanks for all those cards, phone calls, emails, and texts filled with good thoughts and prayers. At the recent funeral of a beloved

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Random Thoughts #1

Update – Well, the roller coaster ride continues but we’re glad to be on the ride considering the alternatives. I spent part of the first three days of the week in the hospital receiving antibiotic IV’s for bacteria in my blood. The word Sepsis was used more than once. It may have been as a

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Father’s Day

There comes a time in our lives when we go into reflection mode. If you have been reading about my journey, you know that I’m in that mode. My thought today is to encourage us to become reflective sooner rather than later. For example, today is Father’s Day and since I wasn’t writing yet on

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