Happy Things

Things that make us happy
Things that make us smile
Things both big and small
All things we think worthwhile

It should take you approximately 60 seconds to read the following list of thoughts on specific things that, in most cases, should bring a smile to your face. After reading the list, I encourage you to save the list and use it to periodically take you to a happy place. Focus on one or two items at a time and think about a time, the first time or the last time, or anytime that you experienced the particular item; letting go of a helium-filled balloon, seeing the fruit trees around you all in bloom or experiencing an especially memorable holiday. Use that focused moment of thought to take you to a happy place. Keep the list close for those times when you need to something to make you feel good and smile. Remember, when you think you are being tested to the fullest, God is the person who ultimately made the items on this list possible. He is good!

Finally, if you think of things that are not on the list, email them to me at jvessel@iupui.edu and I will compile a new, larger list.

Your parents Helium-filled balloons A lake swim

Your first kiss The movies Christmas

Bicycle rides Holding hands Licorice

Marshmallows Fruit trees blooming Graduation

The smell of baby powder Mac and cheese Vacations

Peanut butter and jelly Fresh flower smells A warm sun

A field of clover Birds singing A boat ride

Birthdays A new (your first) bike Weddings

Picnics A walk with someone special A baby’s giggle

Thanksgiving dinner Fresh cut grass Amusement parks

Grandma’s pies Electric trains Your best friend

Church on Easter A Christening Road trips

Your first car Ice cream or sherbet push-ups Butterflies

Update – Since I last posted the blog, I have had two chemotherapy infusions, have NOT stayed overnight in the hospital, had appointments with Dr. Akosa, my primary care physician and my annual checkup with Dr. Wolverton, my dermatologist. I had breakfast with my friend Laura Klaum, Development and External Affairs Director IU School of Physical Education and Tourism Management. We had dinner with our friends, the Slaughters and a visit from my cousin David and his wife Laura (from North Judson). I participated in a conference call to start the process of finding my replacement as Executive Director of Phi Epsilon Kappa and played 18 holes of golf with my friends Frank and Bill. This morning I was at the hospital less than two hours for today’s infusion.

I know this is more than you wanted or needed to know about my last eight days but I wanted to share the fact that I’m not just sitting around.

Stay Strong and Keep on Keepin’ On

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  1. Puppy kisses, first blooms of spring, first snow of winter, thunder rolling down a valley, hugs from long absent friend!

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