Christmas Vacation, Part 3

Continuing the theme of posting the letters from my grandchildren, here are the letters from my granddaughter Abbie and grandson Isaiah.

The following is from my granddaughter Abbie

Dear Grandpa,
As I’m sure you could probably tell by now, this is a letter. A rather sentimental one; addressed to you. I have, in fact, scrapped and rewritten this letter an innumerable amount of times by now. Each passing time I began to feel more frustrated, why can’t I write anything good enough?! I scolded myself. My words will not be as intellectual as Lydia’s, as kind hearted as Will’s, or as strong as Gabriel’s. They are my words and they belong to nobody else but to you and to me but, are my words good enough? It was actually that single thought that reminded me why all together I am putting these words together for you. It is a single, simple yet beautiful reason: why I love you.

Now Grandpa, I love you more than flowers love sunshine, more than the night sky loves the stars, and surely more than I could type into such seemingly measly words. Never forget that.
So here I am- worrying all about creating some breathtaking, beautiful masterpiece of words that will bring you to tears. Then it hits me. This isn’t a school project with an outline all ready to be filled out and a rubric to be graded upon. You aren’t reading this letter with the expectation for it to be “good enough”. The most you have ever asked of me was to to simply be Abigail Mae Krefta and I know if these words come from me then they are “good enough” for you.

Throughout my whole life you have always made me feel valid and important in any situation. You have always just wanted me to be me and I cannot describe how significantly that has impacted me. As a teenager who is staring straight into the terrifying abyss that is the real world, the huge ideas of growing up are absolutely daunting. It feels like I should be so much more than who I am and I have to meet all of these unreachable standards of individuality and independence. But with you, I have always felt that the girl who I am typing this letter and the girl who I was when I was 7 (who used to drink chocolate milk like it was liquid gold) are one in the same. That who I am is 100% capable of doing anything I want to do. I don’t have to become somebody else to achieve things. The person who I am is entirely capable of conquering the world. You have never once let me be intimidated by obstacles. You never once made me feel like Abigail Mae Krefta wasn’t damn important. I cannot thank you enough for that.

It terrifies me to think I will have to overcome much more without you by my side, but please never forget that while I’m trouncing these obstacles I will hold you close to my heart. I will never let it slip my mind that you believe in me. So whenever I’m a parent, I will remember to pass on these vital life lessons to my own children and grandchildren. Everytime I step on stage I will always remember you as one who never stopped supporting my passion for dance. Many times, in every little way, I will remember you. Even when you feel the world to be slipping from your grasp, please don’t forget that I am with you in your heart as you are in mine. I love you Grandpa <3

Forever and Always,

The following is from my grandson Isaiah

Dear Papa,

I just wanted to start off by saying that I love you so much. I remember when you used to carry me on your shoulders when you took me to school. I remember all the times we played wiffle ball in the backyard. I remember when you were teaching night classes and I ran from my mom and came into your class. I remember how we used to go get our hair cut together. Also how I lived with you and grandma until I was 7. You mean the world to me and I would go to war for you. I remember all the years we went to Camp Brosius starting when I was 2. We would go out to the tennis court and play games of horse. We would go back and forth but I can’t lie you would get me.

I don’t know what I would do without you. You’ve been there for me my whole life and never gave up on me. Even when I was hardheaded and didn’t listen you would still find a way to get through to me. I know I am different from all the other grandkids but I still love you the same as they do. You’re the most awesome grandpa somebody could ask for. No matter what happens just know I love you so much and you will always be in my heart. I’m praying that everything goes good because I can’t lose you.

Sincerely, Isaiah

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