Note To Self

Note to Self: Childhood was happy with a loving and nurturing family (even if my sisters were a pain more often than not but I loved them dearly). Then at 17, another sibling in the house as Pat came along (another set of challenges but I loved him too). 2 years in the seminary helped

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Update – I haven’t published for a few weeks. I visited with my sister Jane, brother-in-law Allen, cousins and spouses; Carol and Bud, John and Cathy, Ann Marie, Nancy and Dick, Alice, Eddie and Irwin and Linda. Also I’ve had two treatments (missed one last week) and I had my three stents replaced this past

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Thinking Back

Let me say up front that I’m writing this blog for my therapy and if it conjures up a memory or two for you, great. Journaling has become today’s version of keeping a diary. Both men and women journal for one reason or another, but I don’t remember any boys keeping a diary. I write

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Don’t Give Up

There are numerous poems and other writings that seem so appropriate when you are facing a daunting task and one which surfaces thoughts of doubt. They come under the titles such as Don’t Quit and Don’t Give up. I selected one from my favorite writer, Edgar Guest. Don’t Give Up When things go wrong as

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