Note To Self

Note to Self:

  • Childhood was happy with a loving and nurturing family (even if my sisters were a pain more often than not but I loved them dearly). Then at 17, another sibling in the house as Pat came along (another set of challenges but I loved him too).
  • 2 years in the seminary helped to form my faith (later I found dragging kids to church had a similar effect).
  • High school was a period of growth with involvement in academics, athletics and drama (had plenty of the latter around my house as well).
  • Military service was also a time of development and travel (even if it was… forced)
  • Along came Sue, the love of my life, with benefits: Tracey and Leslie. Then, of course, a few years later, the twins Sara and Tom. Mistakes were made but there were more successes than failures; look at how they all turned out (still questions about Tom).
  • University study was another time of development and growth (less drama, more administrative skills that were able to be applied as a professional).
  • Professional life filled with extended family members, from University colleagues to professional colleagues in the NIRSA (and this is family I got to choose).
  • Retirement brought extended circle of friends, like golfing buddies and spouses (had to find new people to share stories with).
  • The continual visits from family, former students and friends has made being in my home even more enjoyable (and at least I’m not in a home).

You’ve had a rich and full life. While this part of the journey wasn’t chosen, it could have come at a worse time, preventing these great experiences.

I appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers, which have kept me going. It has been a life well lived.

My recent visit with the oncologist determined that the chemo is not working. No alternatives are valid either: surgery or other trial drugs. As such, we are living one day at a time and still hope and pray that is for an extended period of time. There are many things left to do, like a trip to Florida from Christmas to New Year’s with the 17 members of the family.

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  1. Have a memorable blessed holiday season with friends and family, always in my thoughts and prayers, my good luck to have shared many enjoyable times with you and Sue.

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