Christmas Vacation, Final Edition

Here are the final three letters from my grandchildren: Gabe, Isaac and Micah.

The following is from my grandson Gabe

Dear Papa, I just want to thank you for all that you have done for our family and all that you mean to us. You provide so much moral support and you provide financial support too. Some of my favorite memories have come at the Club from playing to just sitting down and having a nice conversation and a great meal. Other memories have come when we came over and made klachecez. And 1 other thing, I love you.

From: Gabe

The following is from my grandson Isaac

From:Isaac To:Papa

You are the best papa a boy could have. I remember at camp that you would tell these outstanding stories that I will never forget. Also at camp I remember when you did the “Sardines and Pork and Beans” that will always give me a good laugh. I will never forget you and the stories you tell me and I will tell my friends in the coming. Thank you so much.


The following is from my grandson Micah

Dear Papa, Thank you for doing all you can for us. The three things that I had with you was (2) Camp Brosius, (1) spending time with you and (3) having Christmas with you. We still love you and praze you. We know it’s hard for you. So we hope you have your amazing last moments with us.

See accompanying picture from Micah on the Photos page, along with other pictures from our trip.