Random Thoughts #1

Update – Well, the roller coaster ride continues but we’re glad to be on the ride considering the alternatives. I spent part of the first three days of the week in the hospital receiving antibiotic IV’s for bacteria in my blood. The word Sepsis was used more than once. It may have been as a result of the previous week’s stent replacement. As a result, a picc line was placed in my right arm so Sue can give me antibiotic IV’s at home three times each day. She started her nursing career on her 75th birthday (7/23). She’s got it down to a science and it takes less than 15 minutes. Consequently, I missed my chemotherapy infusion and may miss one or two more. Also, I got behind on the blog.

This week’s blog contains the first installment of Random Thoughts. I’ve collected a number of items that don’t quite fit a particular theme and plan to insert them from time to time. Contributors include my friend Sonny and our friend Francine. FYI, I didn’t obtain a release from either of them. They’ll find out, just like you did, when they read this.

First Thought
For supplemental calories and protein, I’ve been drinking Dean’s milk’s TruMoo, recommended by my nutrition consultant, Dr. Lisa Farley. In addition to liking her recommendation, I feel like it is the only protein drink where I’m not obligated to buy a package of Depends with it.

Excellence can be obtained if:

• You care more than others think is wise

• You risk more than others think is safe

• You dream more than others think is practical

• Expect more than others think is possible

God Is

• At my lowest, God is my HOPE

• At my darkest; God is my LIGHT

• At my weakest, God is my STRENGTH

• At my saddest, God is my COMFORTER

Always pray:
• To have eyes that see the “best” in people

• A heart that forgives the “worst”

• A mind that forgets the “bad”

• And a soul that never loses faith in God

Wisdom – In Proverbs it reads “Acquire wisdom: and with that you acquire understanding.” Also, Knowledge is to know that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is to know not to use tomatoes in a fruit salad.


Things we do for our friends
When I finished my tour in the US Navy, I came to Indianapolis where mom, dad, Colleen, Juleen, and Patrick had moved. It was a three bedroom apartment already bursting at the seams so I moved in with my friend Sonny. He taught part-time at a parochial school while attending law school. One morning, after we had been served some bad ice, he needed me to call the school and tell Sister Mary Margaret that he had the flu.

Let me digress for a moment. During catholic grade school I served mass nearly every day including funerals and weddings on Saturdays. I served hundreds of masses, never once even taking a sip of the sacramental wine. Then for high school I attended St. Lawrence Seminary during which I served more masses. Now, I’m about to lie to a nun.

Well, I called, told her that Sonny had the flu and wouldn’t be able to teach that day. She expressed concern that, since he had taught the day before (with no signs of the flu), he might be out for a few days. I assured her that it was the 24-hour flu. Not only am I his roommate, but I must be a doctor or at least a nurse. Here it is 7:00 in the morning and I’m delivering what I believe to be a completely accurate diagnosis.

Sounded like a good idea at the time.

Wrong Numbers!
The telephone number at the apartment we shared was one digit different than the Department of Parks. Consequently, we received a number of calls meant for the Parks Department. We often talked to the callers as if we “were” the Parks Department. And, often, the same people called back. Two such calls ended unfortunately.

One was a young lady who called in sick (there seems to be a theme here). She apologized for the late call, we assured her that someone would cover for her and left it at that. Well, as fate would have it, she called our number again (wrong number for the Parks Department) to ask why we hadn’t passed along her earlier call at which time she told us she and been suspended for three days. Oops!
The second call came during the worst rain storm of the summer. The caller wanted to know if the softball games were being held as scheduled at Riverside Park. We asked him if he could see how hard it was raining and he said yes. So, we told him the obvious. Yes, the games were being played as scheduled. Well, he too called back, on the wrong number, to tell us that when he got to Riverside Park it was raining as hard as it had been when he left home. The additional downside to his trip was that a tree branch had just fallen on his car. Ooops!

Sounded like a fun ideas at the time.

Stay Strong!